[OS system] Oscal pad 18 seriously needs a bugfix firmware

2024-03-23 20:08:04
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There is still no folder for Oscal Pad 18, so I have to post it here.

The screen sleep feature in Oscal pad 18 is not working at all. It makes the tablet unusable. It blanks the screen randomly. This is somehow all tied into the camera feature. Taping down the camera with black electrical tape seems to help as well as disabling this feature and keeping the screen lit at all times.

ALSO: Please look at the grid options in wallpaper style. The 5x4 and 6x4 are almost the same, but I don't understand how the last option is 12x5? That is not usable at all and it is just a waste of options. Please understand that we need more rows and not a columns. So 6x5 and 6x6 would be the logical options.

Thank you

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