What to do if my voice cannot be heard when calling?

1.The calling environment or the calling environment of the receiver is not good. You can check whether the phone has signal or not when you can't hear the sound. Change to a place where there is a signal and dial again.

2.If the mute permission is turned on for a mobile phone call, the receiver will not hear the sound. During the call, you can turn off the mute setting.

3.Use the phone recorder to check whether the microphone is broken. The pointer swings during recording, which means it is normal (you can check whether the receiver’s handset is silent). If it’s not, it means that there is a problem with the microphone and needs to be disassembled for repair.

4.If the pointer does not swing when recording, and it can be tested on the charging and speakers. If there is no sound, it means the cable is loose and you can go to the local repair shop for repair. If all are no problem, you can go to the local shop to repair the microphone. If the speaker has no sound but the charging is no problem, you need to return it for analysis.