March 14,2021

Blackview Confirms New Sub-brand OSCAL; OSCAL C20 Smartphone to Launch Soon

It is common to see famous phones brands roll out a sub-brand to cover more users, expand market share and improve their competitiveness. For example, Xiaomi had the Redmi sub-brand and Huawei launched the Honor sub-brand. And recently, the well-known outdoor rugged phone brand Blackview has also announced that it will soon internationally establish a sub-brand called OSCAL.

As per the recent reports, OSCAL is positioned as a technology brand that focuses on product performance, design, quality, and service. Taking ‘Only the Brave' as its brand tagline, OSCAL is ambitious and committed to letting more people enjoy the smart devices at a very friendly price.

The OSCAL product line includes outdoor rugged phone, mainstream smartphone, tablet, laptop and earphone series. And it will strive to cover over 100 markets worldwide, including Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Oceania, etc.

With the launch of this new sub-brand, its first smartphone product named OSCAL C20 is also about to life. According to the news on OSCAL website, C20 upgrades your expectation from an entry-level smartphone. Featured with an exquisite appearance and fine craftsmanship, it will be available at an fairly competitive price.

As of now, we have no further information about this upcoming device. However, similar to the Blackview brand, OSCAL takes design innovation, performance excellence, and attention to details as its basis of product design and R&D, so we can safely expect that the device could be a very affordable smartphone of high quality and performance.