PowerMax 700

PowerMax 700

Take the comforts of modern life to wildness

Renewable PC+ABS materials

Recharge the future

Light at only 7.5kgs

30% lighter than the “Average”

Power up to 99% of essential devices

666Wh Large Capacity & 700W Pure Sine Wave AC Output

12 Outlets for Charging: Meet up to 99% of Essential Devices

2*AC / 2*DC/2*USB-C+4*USB-A/ 1*Car Charging/1*Wireless Charging

Battery Management System

Eightfold Safe Protection

5 Ways to Recharge: Charge for 1 Hour, Last for up to 26 Hrs Joy

AC charging / Solar charging / Car charging / Type-C Type-C +Solar charging / AC charging / Car charging

Non-stop Mode

Continuous Power Supply

LED Light

Dim&Bright&Flashing Mode for Illumination+SOS Mode for Emergency

Large Independent Switch

Easy-to-press Buttons

Large LCD Display

Easy-to-read Fonts & Easy-to-understand Instructions

NCM Battery Up to 800+ Battery Cycles

Intelligent Temperature Management

Constant Temperature Controller

Noise-free Energy

Child-friendly Option without Disturbances
Small in Size, but Large in Power

Unlimited power keeps the good times rolling

Designed to be more eco-friendly, Oscal PowerMax 700 is made from renewable PC+ABS materials. Being incredibly light in weight for easy portability but produces enormous power without emitting any carbon emissions.
  • Camping in the Outdoors
  • Hiking
  • Mountaineering Expeditions
  • Digital and Aerial Photography
  • Rescue during an earthquake
  • Fire Rescue
Light at only 7.5kgs

30% lighter than the “Average”

As light as only 7.5kgs, PowerMax 700 is lighter than the medium-sized dog, which can be carried easily without pressure.



Portable & Durable design
  • Strengthened handle

  • Rubber anti-slip base

  • Flame retardant design

666Wh Large Capacity

Must-have for On-grid & Off-grid Life

Equipped with a 666Wh battery capacity, Oscal PowerMax 700 has enough juice to run essential devices for any situation, which is perfect for temporary home backup and off-grid life.
Charge for 1 Hour,
Last for up to 26 Hrs Joy

5 Ways to Recharge

Go for off-grid living anytime with no fear of losing power, Oscal PowerMax 700 can be recharged in any way possible, either via AC charging, solar charging, car charging, Type-C or Type-C+Solar charging/AC charging/Car Charging*, leaving you only peace of mind on the road.

*Dual Charging with Type C+ SD45/DC 6530. Please note that SD 45 and DC6530 cannot be used simultaneously.

  • Type-C charging+ SD45
  • Type-C charging+ DC6530
  • Solar charging
  • Type-C charging
  • AC charging
  • Car charging
Fast Dual Charging Technology

5 Ways to Recharge

Take advantage of Oscal's dual charging technology to rapidly top up in 3 hours with a 215W input using Type C PD65W input and solar charging /car charging/ AC charging.
3 Hrs-Full Charge
*Dual Charging with Type C+ SD45/DC 6530. Please note that SD 45 and DC6530 cannot be used simultaneously.
Solar Charging

Harness the“0” pollution energy

Going off-grid? Go and get a full recharge in 4.5 hours* by connecting the solar panels under the full sun. The built-in MPPT manages the solar recharging in the best status.
4.5 Hrs-Full Charge
*Solar panels are not included.
AC Charging

Packing done, Charging done

When you pack your trunk for the next road trip, just plug into the grid and get 150 W from the wall easily.
4.5 Hrs-Full Charge
Car Charging

Unstoppable charging on the road

Heading on a road trip? When you need an extra few percent in a pinch, plug directly into your car outlet to get a top-up on the go.
4.5 Hrs-Full Charge
Type C PD65W

Rock-solid charging solution

Never worry about special input cords, feel free to go and get charged by normal Type C easily.
10 Hrs-Full Charge
“ 360 ° Total Security” for Endless Fun

Unleash your wanderlust with peace of mind

Over-charging? Overheating? Short-circuit? Featuring NCM battery, the advanced Battery Management System brings the PowerMax 700 incredible durability and safety.
  • NCM Battery Up to 800+ Battery Cycles
  • Battery Management System Eightfold Safe Protection
  • Intelligent Temperature Management Constant Temperature Controller
  • Non-stop Mode Continuous Power Supply
NCM Battery

Last for up to 5 years*

Oscal PowerMax 700 picks the long-lasting bunch of battery backup with Ternary lithium-ion chemistry. Certified by Rosh, the NCM battery is covered by Nickel-plated steel, which is incredibly durable and eco-friendly. 
*Approx 800+ cycles at 80% capacity.
Built-in BMS

Eightfold safe protection

With multiple aspects of protection, the state-of-the-art battery management system keeps your portable power station operating at its best.
  • Over Current Protection

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Over Voltage Protection

  • Under Voltage Protection

  • Over-temperature Protection

  • Low-temperature Protection

  • Over-charging Protection

  • Overloading Protection

Intelligent Temperature Management

Constant Temperature Controller

Besides the temperature management of BMS, the Smart temperature-activated fan will assist in cooling under certain conditions.

Builed-in BMS: Up to 200 Times/Sec Temperature Monitoring
Smart temperature-activated fan*: Reduce up to 20

*Turn On: Inverter temperature ≥75℃, MOS temperature while discharging ≥50℃, Total Output ≥300W Turn Off: Inverter temperature ≤ 55℃, MOS temperature while discharging ≤ 40℃, Total Output ≤ 200W

Charging Temperature: 0℃~45℃ (32F~113F)
Working Temperature: -10℃ ~40℃ (-4F~140F)

Non-stop Mode

Continuous power supply

It enables stable charging for delayed use scenarios such as time-lapse cooking or keeps CPAP machines running during prolonged usage.
Meet up to 99% of Essential Devices

12 Outlets for Charging

12 outlet sources allow you to power anything from lamps and phones to your mini fridge without breaking a sweat. Oscal PowerMax 700 has enough ports for simultaneous charging, classic AC and DC output, USB-C and USB-A, car charging, and even wireless charging.
  • Phone (3055mAh)
    43 Charges
  • Laptop (50Wh)
    10 Charges
  • Mini cooler (60W)
    8.4 Hrs
  • CPAP (40W)
    12.5 Hrs
  • Mini Fridge (40W)
    12.6 Hrs
  • Camera (13Wh)
    38.5 Charges
  • Drone (77W)
    6.5 Hrs
  • Fan (35W)
    14.4 Hrs
  • Blood Pressure Monitor ( 5Wh)
    100 Charges
  • Heart Rate Monitor ( 5Wh)
    100 Charges
  • Projectors (150W)
    3.33 Hrs
  • Coffee Machine ( 550W)
    1 Hrs
Solar Charging Input
4.AC Charging/Car Charging Input
1* Car Charging Output
120W MAX
USB-C Charging Input
PD 65W Input/100W Output
2* DC5521 output port
2* USB-A Output
22.5W MAX
2* USB-A Output
1* Wireless Charging
2* AC Output
700W Max
1* USB-C PD Output
2*700W Pure Sine Wave AC Inverter

Power up to 99% of the essential devices

700W Pure Sine Wave with a quality AC inverter, PowerMax 700 is capable and safe enough to take care of 99% of your essential devices , even some high-power devices like mini-fridges, mini blender, and mini electric grill.
*Total rated wattage should be under 800W (Surge 1200W). Once exceeded, Oscal Power Max700 may shut down.
  • Mini Fridge (60W)
  • Mini Electric grill (500W)
    1 Hrs
  • Mini Blender (300W)
    1.665 Hrs
  • Coffee Machine (550W)
    1 Hrs
  • Projectors (150W)
    3.33 Hrs
2*DC Output

Lightning-fast charging

Regulated DC 12V output can keep your appliances charging safely and smoothly.
  • Drones (70W)
  • Speaker (150W)
  • Portable DVDs (60W)
  • Laptops (60Wh)
    8 Charges
2*DC5521: 12V/5A Output

Adapter- free travel

Get rid of bulky adapters? A single cable is enough to charge a wide of your device at high speed.
4* USB A= 18W (Max) USB-A output*2+22.5W (Max) USB-A output*2
2* USB C= PD30W USB-C output*1+PD100W USB-C Fast Charge output*1
  • Smartphones (3055mAh)
    43 Charges
  • Digital cameras (13Wh)
    38.5 Charges
  • Lamp (20W)
  • Fan (35W)
Wireless Charging

Hands-free Charging

A 15-watt wireless charging pad at the top greatly facilitates the charging of smart devices.
All the smart devices that support wireless charging: Smartphones, earbuds charging cases, smartwatches, tablets
Car charging

Worry-free Party on the wheel

Oscal PowerMax 700 keeps your car fridge and other devices running while protecting your car's battery.
100% Simplicity meets 100% Comfort

Operate with ease, Enjoy with comfort

Just control the power with large switch and get to know the details of the device with large LCD screen easily. If there is any danger, SOS Led Lighting Mode will be there to help.
  • Large Independent Switch
    Easy-to-press Button
  • Large LCD Display
    Easy-to-read Fonts & Easy-to-understand Instructions
  • LED Light
    Dim&Bright& Flashing Mode for illumination+ SOS Mode in emergency
  • Noise-Free Energy
    Child-friendly option without disturbances
Large Independent Switch

Easy-to-press buttons for control

With the oversized large switch, separate control is available by the independent button to effectively prevent energy loss.
DC Switch
Press the key for 1S to turn on/off the on-board recharging and DC output.
USB Switch
Press the key for 1S to turn on/off the output of all USBA, TYPE-C, and wireless recharging.
LED Light Key
Press and hold the key 1.5S to turn on LED lighting /Press the key to switch the modes.
Main Switch
Press and hold this switch for 1.5S to turn on/off the product.
AC Switch
Press the key for 1S to turn on/off the AC output.
Large LCD display

Easy-to-read fonts at a glance

Keep track of the battery capacity, input power, charge & discharge time, and more all from the convenience of your large LCD screen.
Remaining Charge/ Discharge Time
Battery Capacity
Remaining Battery Icon
Fault Code
Input Power
Output Power
AC Frequency
DC Output
Overload Alert
LED Light

Not only light up the night

Multiple lighting modes work perfectly at night to meet your different needs.

1. Press and hold the Led Switch 1.5S to turn on/off the LED light.

2. Press once to switch the light mode from Dim, Bright, Flashing, to SOS Mode in order.

  • Dim Mode
  • Bright Mode
  • Flashing Mode
  • SOS Mode
Noise-Free Energy

Silent charging all the time

Unlike gas-powered generators with noise and fumes, Oscal PowerMax700 operates silently and produces no emissions, making it a more eco-friendly and sleep-friendly option.

What's in the box

PowerMax 700 *1
Power adapter*1
On-board recharging line *1

Oscal PowerMax 700 Dimension:

  • Width:190mm
  • Length:312mm
  • Height:248mm
  • Weights:7±0.5kgs
  • Battery Info
    • Battery Capacity
      666 Wh
    • Battery Type
      18650 Ternary lithium-ion Battery Cell
    • Battery Life Cycles
      800+ Cycles to 80% of Original Capacity
    • Battery Shelf-life
      Recharge to 80% Every 3 Months
    • Battery Management System
      MPPT Controller, BMS, etc
    • AC Outlets
      2x 700W Output, 800W In Total
      Inverter Type: Pure Sine Wave
      Surge Power:1200W
    • USB-C Port
      USB-C PD 100W X1
      USB-C PD 30W X1
    • USB-A Port
      USB-A 18W X2
      USB-A 22.5W X2
    • 12V* DC Outlets
      12V/5A DC 5521 X2
    • Car Charging
      12V/10A *1
    • Wireless Charging Pad
      15W Max X1
    • AC Adapter Input
      150 W Max
      Recharging times: 4.5H
    • Solar Input
      150 W Max
      Recharging times:4.5H
      (With prime sunshine, ideal orientation, and low temperature)
    • Car Input
      150W (Max)
      Recharging times: 4.5H
    • Type C PD 65W
      65 W Max
      Recharging times: 10H
    • Dual Charging
      Type C + DC6530/SD 45
      Recharging times: 3H
    • Weight:
    • Dimensions (LxWxD):
      L312*W190*H248 mm
    • Charging Temperature
      0℃~45℃ (32F~113F)
    • Working Temperature
      -10℃~40℃ (-4F~140F)