• How to reset a tablet to its factory settings

    Go to Settings >System > Reset options> Factory reset to erase all data.

    A factory reset will erase all data from the storage space of your device, including:

    1.Your accounts

    2.App data and system settings

    3.Installed apps, music files, photos, and all files in the internal storage

    *Make sure to back up your data before a factory reset.

  • How to enable TalkBack/Screen Reader

    What is TalkBack?

    TalkBack is an Android service that gives spoken feedback and notifications for users with visual impairments. With TalkBack enabled, your device will automatically read the content you touch, select, and activate. While TalkBack is enabled, you will be able to navigate across your device in a significantly different way from the regular mode.

    *The voice feedback provided by TalkBack is determined by the language engine pre-installed in the system. This means that voice feedback may not be available for all languages.

    Enable TalkBack

    Go to Settings > Accessibility, and enable TalkBack.

    *If Talkback or Screen Reader is not enabled on your device, your device does not support this function.

  • Find the serial number (SN) on tablets

    What is an SN?

    SN, or serial number, is a unique number that records information like the date of production and the warranty status of the product. Each product has only one corresponding serial number.

    How to find it?

    Enter *#06# on the dialer and the SN will appear on your screen (applicable to the phones and tablets that support SIM cards).