July 14,2023

OSCAL PowerMax 3600 Power Station Coming Soon

The OSCAL PowerMax 3600 Power Station is an upcoming home backup power solution that offers exceptional performance and reliability. With a capacity of 3600 Wh, this power station is designed to provide a reliable source of electricity during power outages or in off-grid situations. Its rated power of 3600W ensures that it can handle a wide range of household appliances and devices, making it suitable for powering essential electronics, lights, and even small appliances.

One of the standout features of the OSCAL PowerMax 3600 is its peak output power of 7200W. This means that it can handle sudden surges in power demand without compromising its performance or risking damage to connected devices. Whether you need to start up a high-power appliance or run multiple devices simultaneously, this power station has you covered.

Additionally, the OSCAL PowerMax 3600 Power Station comes equipped with an LED light. This built-in light provides illumination during emergencies or when working in low-light conditions. It ensures that you have a reliable source of light when needed, further enhancing the versatility and practicality of this power station.

In conclusion, the OSCAL PowerMax 3600 Power Station is an impressive home backup power solution with a capacity of 3600 Wh, rated power of 3600W, and peak output power of 7200W. Its inclusion of an LED light adds to its functionality and makes it a reliable choice for various applications.

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