December 5,2022

Where to buy OSCAL phones and tablets?

Welcome to OSCAL official website, as the brother brand of the famous rugged outdoor smartphone brand BLACKVIEW, OSCAL is positioned as a technology brand that focuses on product performance, design, quality, and service. Taking ‘Only the Brave' as its brand tagline, OSCAL is ambitious and committed to letting more people enjoy the smart devices at a very friendly price. The current product lines include rugged smartphone, regular fashion smartphone, and tablet computer.


OSCAL products like phones and touch screen tablets gain good performance in the market, however, the official website itself has not opened the purchase channel yet, some customers don't know how to buy OSCAL products online. So, where to buy OSCAL phones or tablets online? OSCAL products (Sale In Progress) are available at in Blackview global smartphone store, you can make orders at there. Whatever for single-buy order, or buy cell phones in bulk at wholesale prices.


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