January 5,2023

OSCAL first monster battery phone hit the market soon

The brother brand of the rugged phone leader Blackview, OSCAL, is going to launch a monster battery rugged phone (what is rugged phone?) soon. This is OSCAL's first monster battery phone, which equipped with an up to 13000 mAh massive battery. For those who are looking for a budget big battery smartphone, this OSCAL new rugged phone is deserved to be one of the best options. In addition to come with giant battery plus fast charging, but also feature good performance and affordable price, it is the rare find-goods you can find in the market. So, let's take a look.

This new OSCAL phone is named S80, OSCAL S80 adopts military 810H grade certified, packs IP68 & IP69K waterproof rating, with case or shell that is tough enough so you can drop it on hard surfaces without it breaking. It is also the best phone for cold weather, as it is a cold-resistant smartphone, besides, like Galaxy XCover Pro, it supports Glove Mode, user do not take off the glove to operate the device.

Throw in a 13000 mAh massive battery plus 33W fast charging, it can provide 15 hours for gaming, 15 hours for watching videos, 23 hours for web browsing, 50 hours for calling, 70 hours for listening to music, or 1152 hours for standby time. It is more than 3 times of iPhone 12 Pro's battery life. With 33W fast charging, it takes only 3 hours and 20 minutes to fully charge a 13000 mAh battery.

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In terms of performance, equipped with MediaTek Helio G85 Octa-core powerful 4G processor, plus 6GB RAM memory (support up to 4GB RAM expansion), powered with Android 12, provides smooth experience. Meets the needs of most daily use. It is one of the best cheap Android 12 phones in the market.

Do you always use the power bank? OSCAL S80 is able to meet your need, thanks to support reverse charging function. You can use it to charge other compatible devices like iPhone, smartwatch, earbuds charging box, Bluetooth speaker, and other compatible small gadgets. Thus, OSCAL S80 will be your best portable power bank for camping, hiking and more.

Do you like taking panorama photos? OSCAL S80 meets your need. This is a panoramic phone, powered by the ArcSoft panorama stitching technology that supports dynamic shooting direction detection, exclusive access to ArcSoft real-time stitching, and more, S80's Panorama Mode achieves the best possible stitching results.

For those people who don’t want to carry a separate phone for work and personal use, the dual SIM phones just meet their needs. OSCAL S80 has two SIM card slots, allows you to insert two SIM cards, or one SIM card plus one TF card.

Unlock the device easily and faster? OSCAL S80 is a side fingerprint phone, just lightly touch the power button by your finger, the phone will be unlocking. Want to use NFC for payments online on S80? It's no problem.

More features about OSCAL S80, please click here.

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