December 16,2022

OSCAL Pad 8 tablet is the best budget Big Screen Tablet in the market

Are you looking for the budget-friendly tablet with good performance, long battery life, as well as a big screen, and buy it directly from the source? Then you are in the right place.

With simple, trendy, and light and thin design, large display, an elegant unibody chassis, extreme and smooth lines, flat frames, and symmetrical bezels make the OSCAL Pad 8 look and feel amazing to use.

Reading, study, surfing the web, watching streaming videos and more, you can do many things on this unlocked wifi cellular tablet. It provides 7 hours of web browsing, 5 hours of watching videos, 5 hours of playing games, 25 hours of listen to music, 24 hours of make phone calls, or 480 hours of standby time, thanks to equipped with a 6580 mAh big battery.

In terms of sound quality. The Dual high-end BOX speakers deliver a clear reproduction of a broad range of audio frequencies, allowing you to easily get immersed in a movie or the world of music.

And in terms of performance, Pad 8 adopts an Octa-core 4G chip, plus 4GB RAM memory, powered with Android 11, provides smooth experience, meets the needs of most daily use.

Besides, Pad 8 support docking keyboard for some proper office work. More OSCAL Pad 8 specs, click here.

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OSCAL Pad 8 tablet is the best budget Big Screen Tablet in the market, don't hesitate to get one right now! Click here to buy.

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