February 21,2023

The best 4G smartphone with IR camera you missed in 2023

Different with the thermal camera phones, the infrared night vision camera phones could not detect heat, but you can use it to see things through the darkness and detect spy hidden cameras in hotel, public toilet, your home, and more. That's some of the reasons why it gains favor from many users.

Each special smartphone provides different play ways to users, as a night vision camera phone enthusiast, maybe you are being missed one best 4G smartphone with IR camera. But the premise is, it depends on that whether you are valued the phone comes with water-, drop-, shock-, cold-, and dust-resistant. If you valued it, let's dive in right now.

This night vision camera phone is equipped with a 20.0MP IR night vision camera, provides good quality image for taking photos and videos at night. Thus, you are able to give full play to your creativity. Besides, you can use it to see things around you through darkness, this will play a very important role in some situations. This phone will protect evidence well than other regular smartphone thanks to feature excellent protection rating against drop, water, and dust, as well as comes with an excellent battery life (8380 mAh). Plus the 33W fast charging technology, it will provide faster charge speed when you need it.

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In terms of performance, this phone adopts MediaTek Helio G96 as its processor, plus 8GB LPDDR4X fast RAM memory and 128GB UFS2.1 ROM storage, powered with Android 11, provides smooth experience. Here is the Helio G96 Antutu score for checking out.

For those who are addict to enjoy fun of taking underwater photos and videos, the regular smartphone could not meet their needs, but this rugged phone does. It can stay in the water for 30 mins within a 1.5 m depth. Whatever you are in the swimming pool, outdoors small lakes and ponds, this phone will come in handy.

And for ordinary photography, its Samsung 50.0MP main AI camera, 8MP 117° ultra-wide camera, 2MP depth camera, as well as 16.0MP front-facing camera, provide good capture experience for different shooting scenes.

For those who are valued good web browsing experience, the high refresh rate phone which has over 90Hz screen refresh rate (What is refresh rate in mobile) is what they need, and this phone just equipped with 90Hz display. Thus, it is one of the best phones for web browsing in the market.

If you are living in the cold weather almost all around the year, you shouldn't miss this phone even, as it is the best phone for cold weather. It can keep work well, even other smartphones get started to run slowly or even stop working. This is one of the features that the rugged phones have.

Besides, it also comes with air pressure sensor, dual SIM slots, and advanced navigation system includes GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo. And support OTG and NFC and more.

So, if you are looking for the best night camera phone under 300 USD, this waterproof smartphone will be your best choice. Click here to check out.

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