February 9,2022

OSCAL C60 Features and Specs

Endless Pursuit of Simplicity

OSCAL C60 is the second C Series regular smartphone of OSCAL, as the first 2022 latest phone, it was designed in simple and fashion, and running smoothly. From hardware to software, from inside to outside, brings you a shocking feeling. And there are multi popular colors for choosing.

OSCAL C60 Features

Let users own a fashion smartphone at lower budget. OSCAL phone won't let you down.

Let There Be Light

Inspired by the magnificent scene where beams of light shine through a forest in the early morning, OSCAL C60’s finish brings a fantastic feast of rays to brighten your day. With a sophisticated paint-spraying process, OSCAL C60’s coating shines its best for the hand-picked soft colors from the palette.

Take Pleasure in a Wider Stage

Thanks to the dewdrop notch design and super-narrow bezel, OSCAL C60's 6.52-inch display pushes beauty to the edge and get your view expanded as much as possible. Up to 720*1600 resolution and 4.0×106 nit brightness make every image or frame on the screen burst into life, rendering all color gamut purer and more pleasant to the eyes.

Snap Away to Seize the Present and the Past

The 13 MP rear camera always powers you up to shoot an iconic landmark at a distance or luscious food up-close, with OSCAL C60, capturing every nuance with great texture and clarity.


With Autofocus working as fast as 1 second per time, you are allowed to take a snapshot of a thrilling moment when an athlete crosses the finish line or a dappled deer running across a forest jauntily.

Beauty Filter

Get an enchanting selfie or arresting groupfies without sweat, as the beauty filter can easily refine your skin tone and contour by bringing out the best features of your face.

Monochrome Mode

Monochrome mode empowers your journey for exploring the boundless possibilities of deeper black and white.

Run Faster than a Beast

Working in concert with quad-core cortex-A53, the mighty MediaTek Helio A22 leverages 12nm process technology to unleash a new realm of high-efficiency and high-performance. The top-notch PowerVR GE8300 GPU is streets ahead when it comes to graphic processing and massive data-analyzing, pushing AI computing to a new level.

eMMC 5.1 consumes much less power than its precursors, making this phone more power-efficient and allowing you to charge less and spend more. 1TB expandable storage support renders fun in tremendous videos, music or images possible.

Hang Around with It Longer

Owing to AI power-saving algorithm, OSCAL C60 removes the obstacle of lacking juice when you are watching the most exhilarating past of a show or fighting against the last enemy to win the game by providing a 4780mAh battery, large enough to be in company with you day-in or day-out.

Find Your Way Wherever You Go

Traveling alone without a tour guide is easier than ever if you have a OSCAL C60 which is packed with often-used 3-in-1 navigation support that includes GPS, GLONASS and BEIDOU. Go visit an unfamiliar city or a remote village at will without worries of getting lost.


Go Wireless As You Please

OSCAL C60 not only provides wireless fun with 4G LTE, but also doubles it with dual SIM slots. You can either insert two SIMs into C60 or a SIM with a TF card to increase the potential to be pleased whenever or wherever.


Latest Doke OS 2.1 based on Android 11

Game Mode

Add your game to Game Mode to either block all the interruption with a single tap so that you can indulge yourself in adrenalin-filled games or choose to prevent a few factors that stop you from immersive joy.

Overall Gaussian Blur

By separating the background from the interface you need to focus on, overall Gaussian Blur makes your everyday interaction with C60 more intelligent, hence boosting productivity greatly.

One Hand

Large as C60’s screen is, One Hand makes it easy to operate C60 with a single hand by minimizing the interface at your comfort.

Split View

OSCAL C60 pushes multi-task on smartphones to a new level. Thanks to Split View support, C60 allows you to discuss a show with your friends while watching it or to open two apps side by side without compromise.

Recognize Your Face Instantly

Access OSCAL C60 in a wink without the hassle of entering a password or the worry of password leak. This OSCAL smartphone with Face Unlock can offer you a higher level of privacy, keeping your data intact and exclusive.

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