• What’s the difference between Doke OS and the original Android OS?

    Doke OS is developed based on the Android OS and provides a more user-friendly interface with clear icons, a smarter control and smoother operation.

  • How to solve the application error?

    1.It’s the third-party application. Unstall it and download on the app website.

    2.Long press and enter into the application to find the storage. Then clean the storage and cache.

    3.Enter Google account to update the apk.

    4.If it’s the error from the apps that come with the system, just restore the factory settings or flash the phone.

  • What to do if my phone gets heat?

    1.The mobile phone running high-power applications (such as demanding games) will generate heat. If it is overheated, please pause it for a while before using it.

    2.The heat dissipation effect of the mobile phone with the metal bottom case is higher than that with the plastic bottom case, so in general, the temperature of the metal bottom case will be higher than that of the plastic bottom case. The phone with metal bottom case will radiate the heat through the case and it heats up and dissipates quickly. If you find heat generation during use, it is recommended to clean the background of the phone and then let it stand for a period of time before running. If the temperature is high and you are worried, you can directly shut down the phone and place it on the cool and ventilate places like the floor for heat dissipation.

    3.The phone will be very hot when it is running for a long time. At this time, you need to close some running apps (such as games, videos, music, etc.)

    4.Remember not to use the mobile phone when charging, let alone charging while talking, because playing while charging can cause great damage to the battery, and the heat emitted by the phone at this time is much higher than the heat emitted during normal use.

    5.Using the mobile phone under the sun or on a quilt will cause more heat than normal. Under the sun, the heat will be absorbed by the phone; on a quilt, it’s easy to generate accumulated temperature and cause heat.