February 28,2023

About the practicality of S80 smartphone for outdoors

Whether it's your hobby or your profession that is leading you to wild or dangerous places, the best rugged smartphone is what you need. And the most practical rugged phones include, thermal camera phones, IR night vision phones, big battery phones and more. Recently, OSCAL launched its first massive battery rugged smartphone named S80, it was incorporated many features for outdoor use. In this post, we'll take you to understand all about this.

13000 mAh Battery Monster

When you go outside, you absolutely won't allow taking a smartphone which need to charge frequently in a day, right? OSCAL S80 will cut off your battery anxiety, as it comes with an up to 13000 mAh massive battery, which can provide up to 1152 hrs standby time, 15 hrs for gaming, 15 hrs for watching video, 23 hrs for web browsing, 70 hrs for listen to music, or 50 hrs for making phone calls. Another 13000mAh phone.

33W Fast Charge

When camping outdoors, or, you are an outdoor worker, a rugged phone with faster charging speed might play an important role in some situations. If you have special requires for this, a fast charging rugged phone is what you need.

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Reverse Charge

OSCAL S80 features reverse charging function, it supports charging other compatible gadgets like smartphone, iPhone, Bluetooth speaker, smartwatch, earbuds charging box and more, via OTG. Therefore, you do not need to take the traditional power bank, as S80 is the best portable power bank for camping. More reverse charging phones.

Military 810H Certified

S80 comes with the higher military grade certified MIL-STD-810H compare to MIL-STD-810G phones, provides stronger drop-resistance. You can even use it to smash walnuts. More mil-std-810h phones.

IP68 & IP69K Protection Ratings

The excellent protection ratings against water and dust, thus it can easily deal with various of outdoor harsh environments such as raining day, muddy road, dusty road and more. More IP68 & IP69 phones.

Withstand Extreme Temperatures

By testing, this rugged phone can withstand up to 70 °C high temperature for 8 hrs, and up to -45 °C low temperature for 10.5 hrs. Thus, it is deserved to be one of the best phones for cold weather and hot weather in the market.

Glove Mode

Like Samsung XCover 6 Pro, OSCAL S80 also supports Glove Mode, which allow users to operate the device without taking off their glove in a cold weather or other situations.

Practical Toolkit

These small tools include, compass, torch, Sound Meter, magnifier, pic hanging, Gradienter, height measure, pedometer, alarm bell, protractor, plumb bob, mirror.

Outdoor Navigation

Combining 4 navigation satellite systems (GPS & GLONASS & Beidou & Galileo), Oscal S80 help you stay connected and centered whether you’re navigating in a crowded city or a vast desert.

Panorama Capture

For those outdoor lovers who like shooting, it is excited to take 360-degree panorama photos of wild. Powered by the ArcSoft panorama stitching technology that supports dynamic shooting direction detection, exclusive access to ArcSoft real-time stitching, and more, S80’s Panorama Mode achieves the best possible stitching results. More phones with panorama camera.

Underwater Shooting

For some outdoor adventures, like take photos of the moment of jumping into the water (like small lake, pond, etc.), take sky photos under the water, and more, it will be a wonderful thing, and that is the regular smartphone couldn't do.

Convenient Lanyard Hook

The best hiking phone, hang it in the neck or your backpack. Just hooks up to keep your smartphone safe, so you can do anything without any concern.

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